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The WFExtended project is no longer supported ! Visit the new project Workflow Foundation Toolbox (WFT) for new versions.

WFE is a framework to extend Workflow Foundation 4.5 with a large toolbox of activities and new features (Xaml Expression Trees ...). Check the documentation for more details.

To install Workflow Foundation Extended, run the following command in the Package Manager Console
PM> Install-Package WFExtended

Current Version (0.2.0) Features :

  • Core Activities Toolbox
    • Basic Activities GetWorkflowID, CronDelay
    • WCF Activities : WCF Proxies (ChannelFactory &,WebChannelFactory Support) & WcfOperationInvoker Activitiy to Invoke Service Operation Method with a Proxy
  • Framework
    • WFExtended.Framework.Scheduling namespace
    • WFExtended.Framework.Constraints namespace : Generic Constraints for custom Activity
    • WFExtended.Framework.ServiceModel namespace : WCF ChannelFactory<> Builder
    • WFExtended.Framework.Presentation (DictionaryEditor)
    • WFExtended.Framework.DurableInstancing (Xml InstanceStore & Memory InstanceStore Providers)
  • Twitter Integration (WFExtended.Twitter Assembly) 
    • Standalone Client
    • WF Twitter Activities Toolbox 

Next Version (0.3.0) Features : 

  • Net Activities : 
    • Network Access Activites (Copy, Move, Create, Get, WatchFolder...) for protocol Samba, NFS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP etc...
    • Mail Activity

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